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It is the customer’s responsibility to read all our terms and conditions. By completing the payment of your quote/invoice or signing this contract, the customer confirms and agrees to all our terms and conditions presented in this agreement and at

  1. Payments and Reservation Policy

Please be aware that we only work with prepaid & signed contract orders. If payment is not received on time, we will not deliver or make any reservations. To secure a reservation, you must pay the full amount of the invoice or quote before it expires. If you still have an outstanding balance, we will not deliver your order and consider it forfeited. For orders totaling $1,000 or more, if agreed upon, you can make payments leading up to the delivery date. These payments must be paid in full at least two weeks before the delivery date. If the payments are not completed by then, we will not proceed with the delivery, and no refunds will be given. This will be considered a forfeit. The customer agrees to pay the full amount stated on the invoice as well as any outstanding balance. For online orders placed within two weeks of the event date, additional documents might be requested to finalize the order. Failure to provide requested documents may lead to a canceled order.


Please note that quotes are based on availability and may be subject to change without prior notice. The validity period for quotes is typically 5 days unless otherwise specified. It is important to remember that quotes do not guarantee a reservation unless payment is made. Customers are responsible for reviewing all the details in the provided quote, such as items, quantities, times, dates, and so on, before proceeding with the payment to ensure the accuracy of information. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any changes before payment.

  1. Cancellations:

Our minimum cancellation/restocking fee is 30% for any order. If the cancellation occurs 30 days before the delivery date, the fee will increase to 45%. If the cancellation occurs 7 days before the delivery date, the fee will be 65%. There will be no refund at all for cancellations made from 6 to 0 days before the delivery date. No exceptions. Please note that any items rented from third parties through Bay Area Jumpers are non-refundable. This policy applies to epidemics, pandemics, and any other unpredicted circumstances. Deposits and reservations are not refundable under any circumstances. 

  1. Responsibility for Rented Items:

The customer understands and accepts that they are solely responsible for maintaining, protecting, cleaning, restacking, and returning all rented items and accessories mentioned on the invoice. This includes following any special instructions or comments provided on the bottom left side of our invoice. Furthermore, the customer acknowledges that they assume complete responsibility for the safe operation and proper use of all rented items. They are fully liable for any damage or injury that may result from their use or misuse and must bear the cost of any loss, damage, repairs, shipping, labor, or other expenses unless explicitly listed. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify quantities and report any damage immediately upon delivery or will call. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the rented items, such as jumpers and tents, will fit in the designated installation area. The customer must accurately measure the space and provide the necessary information to Bay Area Jumpers. Bay Area Jumpers will provide the dimensions of the rented items, including height, width, and length, upon request. It is important for the customer to carefully review these dimensions and compare them to the available installation area. The customer must consider any obstacles, such as trees, power lines, or other structures, that may hinder the proper installation and safe operation of the rented items. It is crucial to identify and communicate these obstacles to Bay Area Jumpers before the event. The installation area should be clear of debris, sharp objects, or any hazards that could potentially damage the rented items or pose a risk to event attendees. The customer is responsible for ensuring a safe and suitable environment for the installation. If the customer fails to accurately measure or neglects to inform Bay Area Jumpers of any potential obstacles, resulting in the inability to install the rented items, the customer will still be responsible for the full payment of the rental and any associated fees and there won’t be any refunds or compensation, no exceptions.

  1. Delivery and Pickup Procedures:

To ensure a smooth delivery or pickup, customers must inform us in advance if any intensive labor or extra work is required since additional fees will apply. If the customer provides an incorrect address, additional charges will apply for re-delivery and labor costs. Our drivers are required to use our dollies and equipment for all deliveries. The customer needs to notify us of any factors such as stairs, long distances from our truck (distance exceeding 40’), multiple drop-off locations, high-rise buildings, elevators, pathways, roads, hills, or narrow entrances where our dollies won’t fit or be useful (extra charges will apply for hand delivery and any of the previously stated). Furthermore, additional labor and time charges will be incurred for slippery surfaces, unsafe areas, and uneven or potholed roads or pathways. Failure to inform us promptly may result in us declining the delivery or service without a refund due to such situations causing delays for our other orders. Any last-minute intensive labor or extra work during delivery must be approved by Bay Area Jumpers management and will result in an increased fee. This rule applies to all the mentioned situations and any unsafe conditions reported by our driver. Customers should ensure that there is safe and easy access to their location, including wide doors, gates, garages, and door fences, with a minimum of 40″ wide clear space to accommodate our equipment. If the customer fails to comply with any of our delivery requirements, the driver will proceed with their assigned route, and Bay Area Jumpers’ decision will be final. The minimum fee for re-delivery is $150.00, with no guaranteed same-day delivery. Please note that drivers cannot wait for more than 10 minutes at the customer’s location if no one is present or for any other reason. The driver will make one phone call, and if there is no answer, they will continue with their route. Leaving messages is not mandatory for the driver. For all our deliveries & pickups, there is a flexible window of 8 hours or more. However, a preferred or strict delivery time is available at an additional cost. While we strive to upkeep within chosen time frames, we do not guarantee timely arrival. Products rented don’t include setup & breakdown services unless specified or requested. If such services are not requested and rental items are not dismantled when we return for pickup, a breakdown fee will be applied. Customers are responsible for unfolding chairs and tables and stacking them back in the same manner as they were delivered (unless breakdown service is requested). We charge a labor fee for equipment setup and breakdown, and the rates can be provided upon request. If the customer fails to return all rented items by the agreed time, they agree to pay for any additional charges. If the customer refuses to return the rented items, they agree that Bay Area Jumpers and its agents can take necessary actions to recover the items without prior notice or legal process. The customer also agrees to cover all attorney fees and court costs incurred by Bay Area Jumpers while enforcing these terms.

  1. Release and Waiver of Liability:

This rental contract is the only agreement between the customer and Bay Area Jumpers. The customer agrees to protect and absolve Bay Area Jumpers from any claims that may arise from their use or misuse of the rented property. This includes any claims from third parties for injuries or damages caused by the customer’s negligence or operation. The customer is also responsible for any legal costs incurred in defending such claims. In return for leasing the property, the customer acknowledges and agrees that they are fully responsible for using and operating the property safely throughout the entire rental period. This responsibility applies to both themselves and any personal representatives. The customer guarantees that they will supervise the safe use and operation of the property at all times. Additionally, they agree to assume full financial responsibility in the event of any loss, theft, or damage to the property while it is under their care, custody, or control. Bay Area Jumpers does not provide any warranties or guarantees, whether explicit or implicit, regarding the safety of the leased property. Bay Area Jumpers cannot be held responsible for any injuries, accidents, or deaths that may occur while using their equipment, such as inflatable bounce houses, water/dry slides, or games. The customer relinquishes all rights to hold Bay Area Jumpers liable for any injuries sustained by a child or adult due to negligence or any other cause. If the customer has any questions, they should contact Bay Area Jumpers immediately before using the equipment or cease usage until they receive satisfactory answers to their questions. This is to prevent any potential loss, injury, or death. Bay Area Jumpers can be reached at 510-244-7921. In case of a medical emergency, please call 911. Please note that at Bay Area Jumpers, thorough procedures are implemented to maintain the cleanliness, sanitation, and safety of their equipment, ensuring its suitability for use by everyone. However, it is important to understand that no warranties are provided for the equipment. While Bay Area Jumpers takes every precaution possible, customers are encouraged to prioritize cleanliness and safety when handling the items. Furthermore, it should be noted that if any legal claims arise, the customer is responsible for covering all attorney fees and court costs incurred by Bay Area Jumpers. This policy applies to claims related to pandemics, viruses, or illnesses as well.

  1. Damage and Liability:

Before operating our equipment, all operators must read all safety instructions and warnings. If there are any safety questions or damage, operators should immediately contact us at 510-244-7921. We provide delivery services to various locations including businesses, loading docks, lobbies, offices, residential buildings, parks, venues, residential homes, and specific areas within a residential property such as the backyard, side yard, front of the house, and garage. However, please be aware that we only deliver inside houses if there is a ramp for easy access without steps, allowing our dollies to go directly inside. In such cases, we want to clarify that we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by our crew or equipment, including the dollies, to the floor, furniture, walls, home equipment, decorations, or any other items. This policy also applies to any structures or buildings, indoors and outdoors, within the premises of a home.

  1. Inflatable Games and Safety Guidelines:

Inflatables are not installed on dirt, gravel, dry grass, slopes, or similar. The customer and/or organization hosting the event is solely responsible for the inflatable games and acknowledges the potential for injuries. It is their responsibility to ensure adult supervision is present at all times when operating and possessing our equipment. Please adhere to the provided rules, whether in written, verbal, or posted form. If you have any questions, ask the driver or contact us before using our equipment at 510-244-7921. The customer agrees to take full responsibility for any damage, loss, injury, or death. Refunds for inflatables are not available once the reservation is made. However, if it rains, the customer can receive a 90% refund (a 10% cancellation fee applies) by canceling 24 hours before the delivery date. No refunds will be given after that time. Please note that we do not set up inflatables in light or heavy rain as they become slippery and unsafe. Rain can also cause damage and using electrical blowers in the rain is hazardous. Re-delivery may be possible for an additional cost. If it rains after delivery, please cover the unit. Otherwise, extra cleaning and drying will be necessary, incurring additional fees. Safety is a priority. When it rains, evacuate all occupants as soon as possible (be cautious of slipperiness) and keep the unit inflated if the air blower is safe. If it’s unsafe, turn off and unplug the blower immediately and cover it to prevent damage. Once the rain stops, thoroughly clean and dry the unit with towels before allowing re-entry and resuming play. If the wind exceeds 10 mph, stop using the unit and deflate it right away. Children’s safety depends on adult supervision while using the inflatable/slider unit. Ensure that the age and size of groups are compatible, allowing only kids of the same age group on the bouncy house & water slide at any given time. Somersaults, horseplay, wrestling, and flips are not permitted. Additionally, no shoes, food, drinks, sharp objects, or silly strings are allowed on the slides to prevent serious injury or death. Always slide with feet first and avoid sliding on knees, stomach, or head first. Do not jump off or dive off the slide. Keep children away from gas generators or air pump blowers. In extremely windy conditions, safely remove the children and deflate the unit. You can also contact us at 510-244-7921 for instructions.

  1. Tents and Safety Guidelines: 

Regular tents will not be installed if winds are expected to reach or exceed 10-13 mph for safety reasons. There are no exceptions to this policy. If the wind surpasses this range, please leave the area safely and wait until the wind slows down or the tent is taken down before contacting us. It’s important to note that our high-peak tents & jumbotrac tents are specifically designed to withstand stronger winds, but we recommend reaching out to us beforehand to get accurate information and ensure a secure setup.

  1. Rental Periods: 

All pricing is for one-day rental only. Some products, such as inflatables, games, and concession machines have a rental time limit of up to 7 hours unless extra rental hours are paid for. Same-day pickup may be required for certain items. Overnight and extended rental time options are also available; please ask us for more details.

  1. Damage Waiver:

By opting for our Damage Waiver, customers acknowledge and agree to the following terms. The Damage Waiver offers coverage for accidental damages occurring during the rental period, encompassing repair or replacement costs for damages resulting from normal and intended use. However, intentional misuse, negligence, unauthorized alterations, loss, or theft of rented items are excluded from coverage. Customers are required to promptly report any damages to the rented items upon discovery to maintain the validity of the waiver. Our team will assess damages, and a deductible may apply, for which the customer is responsible. The Damage Waiver is not insurance and is limited to the repair or replacement cost, with our liability constrained by the outlined terms. Compliance with the rental agreement is essential for the waiver’s validity, and any violation may void the coverage. Customers are responsible for full payment of repairs or replacements exceeding the coverage limit. The Damage Waiver fee is non-refundable once the rental period starts, but cancellation before commencement may lead to a refund at our discretion.


  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • We don’t reserve and deliver on unpaid orders. Payments must be received at least 2-3 days in advance for us to accept them.
  • The images used on this website are for reference only.
  • Services and rental prices are subject to change without notice and may be higher depending on the city or location. Please request a quote by emailing


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